City Football School – Terms Terms and Conditions

Thank you for your interest in Melbourne City youth training programs run under the name City Football Schools (CFS). We aim to provide the best football coaching in Australia and we look forward to welcoming your child into our program.

The following are the terms and conditions for our CFS programs. By enrolling your child into our program, you are agreeing to the following terms and conditions. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact CFS prior to completing your registration.

City Football School – Terms of Participation

  1. Participation in a program involves an element of risk that is inherent in the playing of football and interacting with other people in an environment of physical contact. By enrolling your child in a CFS program, you, on your own and on behalf of your child, fully accept and agree to bear such risk.
  2. To participate in a CFS session your child must:
    • be appropriately registered and paid up for that session; participation in a previous term program or holiday program does not entitle your child to a place in any other program
    • wear CFS kit where this has been mandated and provided to you
    • wear suitable shin pads
    • not be wearing any jewellery as it can cause physical injury to your child or other participants

CFS reserve the right to exclude your child from a training session if they fail to comply with these requirements.

  1. Please ensure your child is punctual with their attendance at all sessions arriving at least 5 mins prior to the start time. This enables CFS to properly record attendance. If your child is late, they may be asked to sit at the side of the session until the trainer has finished the current activity.
  2. It is your responsibility to ensure that your child is has sufficient water for each session and is appropriately protected from the sun including hats and sunscreen where you determine this appropriate.
  3. You agree to inform CFS of any health concerns regarding your child including allergies, asthma, injuries or relevant illnesses that CFS should reasonably be made aware of prior to your child participating in the program. Further, you grant CFS permission to take your child to a hospital, administer first aid, all for an ambulance or take such other emergency actions as CFS reasonably determines appropriate in the event of any illness or injury during participation in a program.
  4. You acknowledge that CFS may take pictures or video footage of your child’s participation in a program and may use same for Club publicity, promotional and advertising purposes. By accepting these terms, you agree that copyright and all associated rights in such pictures or video footage is owned by the Club or its licensors.
  5. You also acknowledge that, for security purposes, you and your child may be subject to video surveillance and recording undertaken by venue management and security, i.e., CCTV footage of your involvement with the program may be captured and retained.
  6. CFS will collect, retain and disclose personal information submitted to it by you in accordance with Australian privacy laws and the Club’s Privacy Policy, available here. CFS may use, retain or disclose this information for the purposes of:
    • administering the program;
    • contacting you with Club related information and promotions;
    • marketing offers and member-related promotions of the Club, our Partners and other parties; and
    • sharing with schools and other venue providers so necessary facilities and equipment are provided to assist with the safe delivery of the program.
  7. You release the Club, its employees, contractors and volunteers from any damage, loss, injury or liability (Loss) you or your child may suffer in connection with participation in a program to the extent permitted by law.

Refunds and Cancelled Sessions

  1. Save as where required by law, refunds will be at the absolute discretion of CFS and will only be permitted under exceptional circumstances such as if your child has a medical condition which prevents them from any further activity.
  2. Sessions may from time to time have to be cancelled, postponed or changed (including at short notice) for reasons outside the Club’s control. These reasons include weather, social health policies, unavailability of venue, unavailability of coach or instructions from a relevant authority. Where a session has been more than 75% completed at the time of cancellation then the session will be deemed to have been completed. IN all other circumstances:
    • the Club will offer an equivalent make-up session on a different day or night to the cancelled session;
    • you will be entitled to a pro rata credit for the cancelled, or partially cancelled session, to use in a subsequent program (where the credit must be used within 12 months of the original session); or
    • if your child cannot reasonably attend a make-up session or the credit cannot reasonably be used within the 12 month period, the Club may provide you with a refund for the cancelled session or part thereof.
  3. Unless otherwise agreed in the absolute discretion of the Club, you acknowledge that you will not be provided a make-up session, credit or refund for any sessions that were provided by the Club but that were not attended by you and/or your child.

Code of Conduct

  1. By participating in a program, you and your child agree to abide by the City Football School’s Code of Conduct. You acknowledge breaches of the Code are not tolerated and children, parents or guardians who breach the Code risk being asked to leave sessions or being prohibited from attending future sessions or having their child’s registration in the program terminated. If you or your child is prohibited from attending future sessions or Programs or your child’s registration in the program is terminated for a breach of the Code, you will not be eligible for a refund.
  2. You understand that if you do not, or your child does not, follow the reasonable instructions of Melbourne City FC staff, your child may be excluded from a program or the Programs. If you or your child is excluded from a program or the Programs for not following the reasonable instructions of Melbourne City FC staff, you will not be eligible for a refund.
  3. Participants must respect coaches and administration staff of CFS as well as other attendees in the program and any members of the public in the area in which a program is being conducted. Bad language, violence, rude or disruptive behaviour that interrupts or prevents a session from proceeding will not be tolerated and CFS reserves the right to remove offenders from a session or a program. Where this occurs, there will be no refund offered.
  4. Parents, guardians, siblings, relatives or acquaintances are not to enter the field of play at any time during a session and must remain at a safe distance away from the training area. Persistent offenders may be asked to leave the site and their child may be asked to leave the Program. Where this occurs, there will be no refund offered.
  5. Your child must be collected from the playing area at the scheduled completion time of the session. If you wish for your child to be collected by a different person, please inform relevant CFS staff in advance and provide relevant details. If your child is collected more than 15 minutes late on several occasions then your child may be excluded from a program and no refund will be offered.