Stott and Jeggo go blue for blood cancer

Melbourne City stars Rebekah Stott and Jimmy Jeggo participated in the Leukaemia Foundation’s iconic World’s Greatest Shave, colouring their hair blue for blood cancer awareness.

Stott and Jeggo, who have both battled blood cancer, coloured their hair blue before shaving off the beautiful locks of two inspiring City fans, 16-year-olds Daisy and Amelie.

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This is the second time City’s captain, Stott, has participated in the much-loved event, after she raised an incredible $39,400 when she was diagnosed with Stage 3 Hodgkin’s Lymphoma in 2021.

Both Stott and Jeggo lost their hair during their life-saving blood cancer treatment and shaved the hair of Daisy and Amelie in support of the 53 Australians diagnosed with blood cancer every day.

“It’s great to be able to raise awareness – the girls today were incredible shaving their hair, it’s so brave of them,” Stott said.

“To raise funds, much-needed funds, for people going through blood cancer is incredible. It’s such a great foundation which is changing people’s lives.”

“To be able to do our bit and give back to the community who has helped us is really special and we hope that we can make a meaningful difference.”

Raising awareness for those battling blood cancer is something both Stott and Jeggo are very passionate about.

“I think it’s really special [to be involved], obviously Stotty and I have been through what a lot of people are going through and we know it’s not easy,” Jeggo said. “We want people to know just how much support there is for what they’re going through and there’s always people to turn to and always people to help.”

“By us doing our little bit today, and dying our hair blue, hopefully we can provide them with a little bit of support and raise a little bit of awareness for what people are going through,” Jeggo added.

Blood cancer is currently the leading cancer diagnosed in school aged children in Australia.

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