A-Leagues Fantasy: 2022/23 City Men’s Player Prices

A-Leagues Fantasy is here for the first time, and we’re sure one of the first questions on your mind is “how much will my favourite City player cost? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. 

Firstly, let’s talk about scoring because points have a direct correlation to a players’ value.

The points scoring formula takes into account a wide variety of statistics to determine each players score every match. Some categories award different points to players for the same act, like scoring a goal, depending on their position. If one of your forwards scores they’ll get 8 points, a midfielder gets 10, a defender will earn 12 and in the very rare case a goalkeeper tucks one away they’ll get 14. 

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Looking back at last season for example, Mathew Leckie would have been City’s highest points scorer (10.5) on average last season according to the system.

With the sheer number of goals and assists they contribute, there’s no surprises to see our front three right at the top of the list of our most expensive players, while Florin Berenguer also comes in near the top after being crowned City’s Player of the Season in 2021/22. 

New signings Thomas Lam ($329,000) and Richard van der Venne ($264,000) could be both handy pick-ups for your midfield, but just like Patrick Kisnorbo does, you’ll need to navigate how to best balance your squad each week. 

In terms of good value picks for your squad, fellow new signing Callum Talbot ($210,300) looks set to get plenty of opportunities this season, having started both of City’s most recent friendlies. 

Nuno Reis ($222,400) and Aiden O’Neill ($267,000) also look to be great value picks for a pair of players you’d expect to see starting regularly again this season. 

ALM 2022/23 Player Prices  

Mathew LECKIE FWD 10.5 $426600 
Andrew NABBOUT FWD 9.36 $380300 
Florin BERENGUER MID 9.25 $375800 
Jamie MACLAREN FWD 9 $365700 
Curtis GOOD DEF 8.2 $333200 
Thomas LAM MID N/A $329000 
Marco TILIO FWD 7.73 $314000 
Jordan BOS DEF 7.08 $287800 
Scott JAMIESON DEF 7 $284400 
Aiden O’NEILL MID 6.57 $267000 
Richard van der VENNE MID N/A $264000 
Scott GALLOWAY DEF 5.87 $238400 
Tom GLOVER GKP 5.71 $231900 
Nuno REIS DEF 5.47 $222400 
Callum TALBOT DEF 5.18 $210300 
Taras GOMULKA MID 3.65 $165300 
Max CAPUTO MID 1 $155100 
Jordon HALL DEF 2.75 $155100 
Kerrin STOKES DEF 0.67 $155100 
Matt SUTTON GKP 2.5 $155100 
Emin DURAKOVIC MID N/A $150700 
Sebastian ESPOSITO* DEF N/A $150700 
Luke ORESTI MID N/A $150700 
Harry POLITIDIS* DEF N/A $150700 
Arion SULEMANI MID N/A $150700 
Jordi VALADON* MID N/A $150700 

*Not part of City’s first team squad. 

**Valon Berisha’s signing just missed the cut-off to be included in the release of A-Leagues Fantasy, but he’ll be added into the game very soon!