AXF Coach’s Corner w/ JvS


With three matches remaining, it’s now up to the boys to show they are ready to play finals football.

With three matches remaining, it-s now up to the boys to show they are ready to play finals football.

Despite the ups and downs of the season, I feel that as a team, we are stronger than at any other point over the last 22 weeks.

Having nearly our entire squad available for selection makes us a strong team, and that-s something which becomes evident during training in particular. The competition for places has heightened the intensity in training, which can only lead to improved performances on match day.

That-s what pushes us to another level, and I feel it-s another sign that we head onto the pitch, our players are prepared and ready to play.

Our opponents on Saturday, Wellington Phoenix, are a team that has jelled very well during the season.

Although during the early stages of the season, they perhaps suffered from off-field speculation, if you look at them now, they-re a completely different team, and Paul Ifill has really hit his best form at the right time of the season.

He-s developed a good partnership with Chris Greenacre, who-s very experienced, like the rest of the team, and an extremely smart player. They are a squad with the hunger to reach the playoffs and be a threat to all teams.

They have a lot of players who can score a goal and defensively, they-re very strong, with the likes of Andrew Durante, Ben Sigmund, Manny Muscat, Tony Lochhead and Vince Lia to call upon.

Wellington is a very balanced team, and we anticipate a tough game.