AXF Coach’s Corner w/ JvS


For our team, in many respects, the season starts now.

For our team, in many respects, the season starts now.

Sitting in sixth place with six matches remaining, we have everything in our hands, and if we can start collecting points from tonight, we will be finals bound.

Given our position on the table at the turn of the year, we have thrown away much of our advantage over the opposition, but we are still in a position where we control our destiny.

We don’t have to rely on other results. It’s all up to us now and we have to make sure we deliver. While some have asked if we deserve to be in the finals given our recent form, it is my belief, that as long as you are in the top six, it doesn-t matter how you got there.

Over the course of a season, a team is going to have its moments of glory and disappointment, and at the end of the regular season, you get to the final bill and it starts over again as the Finals Series is another game.

With the situation at Gold Coast United at the moment, it-s difficult to predict how the match will unfold as the youngsters may thrive under the circumstances and play freely.

Looking at their season, there have not been many matches where they have lost by two goals or more, while we have had many difficulties in our contests against them this season.

Our team will receive a boost tonight with Fred and Matt Thompson in the match day squad. Matt has trained this week and participated in a few good sessions. He-ll feature against Gold Coast, but it-s a question mark over whether he-ll start.

Fred situation meanwhile is slightly more complicated, as he suffered an injury which requires him to have rest, but if we manage him correctly, we are confident he will be involved in most games until the end of the season.