CEO appointed to Melbourne’s new A-League Franchise

Melbourne’s newest A-League Franchise scored the first big off-field coup with the announcement of Scott Munn as CEO.

While battle for A-League supremacy begins on the field this week, Melbourne-s newest A-League Franchise scored the first big off-field coup with the announcement of Scott Munn as CEO.

Scott joins the Melbourne Heart Syndicate with proven experience, having headed up the successful bid for the AFL-s 17th team on the Gold Coast. He also joins a growing list of AFL administrators making the jump from Australian Football to the World Game.

Twelve months away from the clubs inclusion in the A League, Melbourne Heart Syndicate has now begun the process of building a club, which will provide some home grown rivalry, in a city that has demonstrated it-s support and passion for soccer.

The opportunity for this club to be a significant community partner is an exciting prospect for Scott, whose work with the Gold Coast-s AFL submission, placed considerable emphasis on employing a mix of community and business support.

Peter Sidwell, Chairman of the Melbourne Heart Syndicate Board said “Scott understands the importance of Brand, Community Engagement and Football Excellence to ensure we build a successful and exciting Sporting Franchise”

Prior to this role, Scott was the AFL-s New Business & Consumer Products Manager and in 2008 he led the Gold Coast-s successful bid for a licence to operate the 17th team in the Australian Football League. The bid process and the Gold Coast-s submission are now considered a benchmark in how to establish new sporting clubs in Australia.

When asked about his new role, Scott said “I believe this is the most exciting job in Australian sport. I-m looking forward to engaging the entire community and giving them every opportunity to help shape this club, it-s culture and it-s success”.

“I-m amazed at the amount of work that-s already been done by the syndicate which will enable me to hit the ground running”.

The new A League team will kick off just after the 2010 World Cup, when interest in soccer will be at an all-time high with Australia-s second consecutive appearance along side the elite of World Football.

The Melbourne Heart Syndicate believes the heightened interest in the game can only assist with the development of their support base in what will soon become a two-team soccer town.