Chapman: Wins like this builds consistency


Connor Chapman says the boys are ‘buzzing’ after two convincing wins against Perth Glory and the Central Coast Mariners but insists the squad is not getting ahead of themselves.

City moved to fifth after their second five goal haul in two weeks and the defenders says this period could be a key in building the consistency they have been talking about.

“I think that’s the A-League. If you get a few wins in a row, you go straight up the league and that’s what we were focusing on,” Chapman said.

“I think we’re on a little bit of a roll now and I think we can go to Newcastle and get the win. All the boys are buzzing right now, you just have to keep your head down and keep working. If we keep winning, then hopefully we can keep going up the ladder.”

The 21-year-old believes the return of key figures to not only the match day squad, but the training track as well has played a big part in the moral of the team going forward.

“A lot of the players are coming back now,” he said.

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“There’s more competition for spots and that’s what we needed. At the start of the year we were changing the team in and out, but now, we are getting pretty close to what will be our starting team and hopefully all the boys can come back and there will be even more competition for spots.

“Most of the players are back on the field so it’s really positive to have these guys back and hopefully we can keep this roll going.”

But Chapman admits that this weekend’s contest against Newcastle will not be a walk in the park, only looking at their last contest with the Jets as an example.

“Last time (we faced Newcastle), we played very well in the first half and in the second, we sort of imploded so I think we have to be a bit smarter now that if we do score goals, defensively we have to be a bit stronger,” he said.

“In most of the games this year, minus the Wanderers game, we’ve been pretty strong and it’s probably our own fault for losing those games so I think we’ve found our consistency now with players and style of play and we’ve got things to work on, but when we get things right, we’ll be a hard team to beat.

“We’ve scored a lot of goals this year and if we don’t let them score, hopefully we can get the win.”