City in the Community update


Melbourne City FC’s community department have been working hard to bring the world game to everyone. See what they have been doing in the community over the past couple of weeks.

Melbourne City FC visited Banyule Primary School this week in another school community clinic where Game Development Coordinators Louisa Bisby and Simon Zappia were on hand to run the students through a range of skills and fun games.

During their first visit, the primary school students learnt to dribble, juggle, pass and toe tap through drills and play friendly four corner games against their classmates. 

Melbourne City FC runs three to four clinics in primary and secondary schools every week, visiting each school at least three times to develop students’ skills and develop trust between the Game Development Coordinators, local volunteers and students. 

“The aim of the clinic is to engage students and have as much fun as possible,” Bisby said.

“We introduce them to the sport of football with simplified skills training and then help them develop their skills because you find especially in primary schools some kids haven’t played football before, so you have to adapt it to their playing ability.”

Although the clinics play a major role in motor development, school visits allow students to have fun and enjoy football. Find out how Melbourne City FC can come to your school or club by scrolling down our Community Clinics and Events page.

Mate Dugandzic appears at Overnewton College

Melbourne City FC striker Mate Dugandizc appeared at his old school, Overnewton Anglican Community College this week for the school’s College Sports Awards evening.

Dugandzic spent time with the students signing autographs and talking about his footballing experiences as he posed with the school’s team of the year.