City host Bulk Nutrients’ Prepare. Train. Recover day


Our Official Sports Nutrition Partner, Bulk Nutrients hosted an exclusive training day for 20 footballers at City Football Academy to help them better understand the preparation of a professional footballer.



The footballers – aged 13-21 – got decked out in City gear, being presented with their Bulk Nutrients gym bag, towel, shaker, drink bottle and HASTA Certified supplements from Harrison Delbridge and Kearyn Baccus.

Head of Human Performance, Andrew McKenzie gave insight on how our players prepare for training and matches with recovery, nutrition and supplementation pivotal in ensuring the players can perform at their peak.


The team at Bulk Nutrients also explained the importance of key supplements for peak performance including HASTA certified products: Pre-workout 101, BCAA Recovery, Electrolyte Plus and Hyper Hydrolyse.

After all was said and done in the rooms, it was time to head to the pitch where the group was provided with some Pre-Workout 101 to give them enhanced energy and endurance for the session. The Electrolyte Plus and BCAA Recovery were also used in breaks to help with rehydration and recovery.



The day ended with a Hyper Hydrolyse shake and a specifically designed lunch to ensure optimum recovery post training. The group were treated to the same meal players have after training made by club nutritionists which included a high protein source, clean carbs and fresh vegetables.

The Melbourne City FC Focus on Nutrition

Whether you want to be a professional footballer or just maintain a healthy lifestyle, it’s important you’re aware, not just of how you train but also of what you consume. It’s a popular opinion that, no matter how much exercise you do, ‘you can’t out run a bad diet’.

The Club takes its supplementation very seriously and we’re proud to have Bulk Nutrients on board as the Club’s Official Sports Nutrition Partner. 


Their HASTA certified range provides us with pure, clean supplements to enhance sports performance and recovery which is very important when players are running up to 40km a week as well as engaging in multiple strength and conditioning sessions.

Players even have access to a wellness app where they are instructed to monitor the amount of sleep to the amount of times they go to the toilet, with all of their supplements individually set out in relation to what they will need for the day on the field or gym.


The Bulk Nutrients and Melbourne City FC Partnership

Bulk Nutrients has been on-board with Melbourne City FC since early 2018 and we can’t wait to continue this exciting partnership.

We’d like to say a huge thanks to the Bulk Nutrients crew for coming along from Tassie – including their footballers from Hobart United – and can’t wait to continue our partnership.

Find out more about Bulk Nutrients at bulknutrients.com.au