City kits donated to Afghan women’s football group

City in the Community was pleased to recently play a part in helping a new community group settle into Melbourne.

Having only recently arrived in Australia from war-torn Afghanistan, a group of women’s footballers are now residing in South East Melbourne after completing hotel quarantine.

CITC were contacted by Asma Mirzae, a former Young Leader also of Afghani descent, who made the team aware of the group’s arrival in the country and need for clothing, food and essential items to help them settle.

From there, CITC were able to play a role in helping them settle into Melbourne by organising for boxes of Melbourne City clothing to be donated to the group.

Sunil Menon, Head of CITC, said it was terrific to be able to help out the newly settled group and make a difference in the community.

“It was great for us to be able to help out this Afghani group, especially in this case because they will be a big part of our new region in the South East,” Sunil said.

As we come out of lockdown, we’ll be looking to run lots of programs and get out into the community to meet everyone and really make our presence felt.

Being the charitable arm of a professional football Club is a big point of difference for CITC from other organisations out there. It allows football to be used in a positive way as a vehicle for education, which in this case is a great way to help this group settle into Melbourne.

“We can help by connecting people into education opportunities and employment opportunities, but mostly it’s just about helping them get to know people, make friends, and settle into their new home,” Sunil said.