Cityzens Giving: Spotlight on… I Speak Football


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Cityzens have been credited with $9 in their Cityzens’ Portal to invest in to the Cityzens Giving projects that inspire them most.

This week we put the spotlight on the Cityzens Giving project in Melbourne, I Speak Football. 

In partnership with Melbourne City FC’s City in the Community, I Speak Football (run by Centre for Multicultural Youth (CMY)) will tackle loneliness and isolation by connecting young people with football sessions to boost language skills and social networks.

“Meeting people from range of nationalities and learning about each other’s culture is something that I’m particularly excited about” says Lena Mirzae, aged 18, who helped set up the project.  

“I Speak Football will benefit 100 young people from Melbourne, particularly those from a disadvantaged background. They will make friends, develop their language skills and have the opportunity to gain football qualifications, so it’s a great project to be a part of and I feel proud to be able to make a difference right here in my community.”

Your $9 could pay for two young leaders to attend a facilitator training session, giving them the skills to reduce isolation and loneliness for other youngsters in their communities. To pledge your $9 charity fund to I Speak Football and earn 50 City Points, log in to your Cityzens Portal.