Cityzens Giving

Melbourne City FC, alongside City Football Group clubs Manchester City FC and New York City FC, launched Cityzens Giving in 2014; a brand new program funded by the clubs’ annual revenues that allows City fans to extend the ‘football effect’ to areas of need across the globe.

In 2014, every Cityzen was given $9 to to invest in six charity football projects – run by young people for young people – that use the beautiful game to tackle difficult and damaging problems for young people today.

In 2015, Cityzens Giving is back! Find out more by visiting http://www.cityzensgiving.org/page/content/melbourne

I Speak Football
Centre for Multi-Cultural Youth (CMYN), in partnership with Melbourne City in the Community

20 per cent of young Australians report often feeling lonely. To continue to tackle this, I Speak Football is back for its second year. Albert, 22, and other like-minded young leaders, have been using the global language of football to help isolated young people make friends, learn English and get training and support.

“Coming from Uganda to Australia, I experienced discrimination and unemployment. This project gave me the family I always missed. I want to use my experience and passion for football to inspire and connect isolated young people and help them deal the same issues I faced.”

This project is delivered in partnership with Centre for Multi-Cultural Youth and Melbourne City in the Community.

Find out more about the Centre For Multi-Cultural Youth.