Club Statement on A-Leagues Grand Finals

Dear City members and fans,

We understand the frustration with the decision to host the A-League Men and A-League Women Grand Finals in Sydney for the next three seasons.

It has been an incredibly tough few years for the clubs. The reality is, in order to create a fully sustainable competition, the decision made by the APL is necessary and has been agreed by the majority of club owners. There is an economic reality that our sport has to face post COVID.

We know that many of our fans are disappointed with the process, but we will sit down with City members and fan groups in the coming days and weeks to directly address your concerns, and to explain how the club will support our fans should we make the ALM or ALW Grand Final. 

Unfortunately, our players have been subjected to personal abuse around the Grand Final decision and this is unacceptable. City fans are some of the most passionate and loyal in the league and with so much football left to play this season, we ask you to respect our ALM and ALW players as they fight for you and for more silverware.

Melbourne City Football Club