Etihad Airways and Melbourne City FC unveil bespoke kit ahead of A-League return


Etihad Airways, in partnership with Melbourne City FC, have unveiled a bespoke match-day jersey to recognise the beginning of a global effort to recover from the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Etihad is dedicating the front of shirt space, ordinarily bearing the Etihad logo, to the Cityzens Giving for Recovery’ campaign, City Football Group and Melbourne City’s 12-month campaign devoted to helping local communities get back on their feet.

The bespoke kit will be worn during Melbourne City FC’s return match against Sydney FC on Saturday 1 August. All match worn and signed jerseys are available via auction with all proceeds going towards supporting the local community.

cityzens giving

The Cityzens Giving for Recovery campaign spans the Group’s nine clubs, thousands of staff, players, coaches, and millions of fans, in addition to providing support directly to nine recovery-linked projects around the world. In Victoria, Melbourne City FC will join forces with a local food rescue organisation, SecondBite, to assist children returning to education by offering free football programs and food for families impacted by COVID-19.

Sarah Built, Etihad Airways General Manager Australia and New Zealand, said: “Giving back to the community is a priority for Etihad, and a commitment we take seriously as an organisation. As we navigate our way through a new world, recovery is paramount to us getting back on our feet, to become stronger than before.

“To support the Cityzens Giving for Recovery campaign, we’ve committed the entire front of our shirt branding space for Melbourne City’s return game of the A-League, a significant gesture that we know will resonate with fans across the world.

“We value the partnership we share with Melbourne City, and are excited to continue working together to support communities in their recovery efforts.”

Brad Rowse, Chief Executive Officer of Melbourne City FC, said: “We are extremely appreciative that our valued partners at Etihad have allowed us to use our most visible asset to promote Cityzens Giving for Recovery, an extremely important campaign focusing on the recovery process of COVID-19.”

“Etihad has once again underscored the value of our partnership, and at a time where so many in the world need support, we are extremely proud to be introducing Cityzens Giving for Recovery to assist our local community.”  

Alongside the ‘Cityzens Giving For Recovery’ campaign, Etihad has launched ‘Etihad Wellness’, a comprehensive health and hygiene programme to give guests peace of mind when they choose to fly again. The programme will be championed by the introduction of specially trained Wellness Ambassadors, a first in the industry, who will provide essential travel health information both before guests fly, and whilst onboard. For guests needing specific and personalised information, skilled Wellness Ambassadors can be contacted directly 24/7 by emailing wellness@etihad.ae.

More information on the stringent measures being taken by Etihad Airways to provide a healthy and hygienic travel experience is available at www.etihad.com/wellness.