Fan Talk with The Punter – Edition #10

History is ours. Bragging rights are eternal. We’ve won the first derby and cemented our place in Melbourne sporting folklore.

History is ours. Bragging rights are eternal. We-ve won the first derby and cemented our place in Melbourne sporting folklore.

Yes, I could go over the top and say that this is proof that we-re better than Victory, but it-s not. It-s a start of something.

Throughout all pre-season and the first eight rounds, Victory fans held onto the notion that their five year head start and two trophies make them better than us. In 95 amazing minutes, we proved that on the pitch, their history counts for nothing.

We out played them, out gunned them, and despite our numerical disadvantage in the stands, almost outsung them.

If anyone needed proof that a Heart is beating in this town, they got in on October 8.

Now while winning the derby is amazing, we-ve still got a lot of work ahead of us. One win against the Victory won-t give us the Golden Toilet Seat.

Next week we-ve got Wellington Phoenix at Westpac Stadium. I could imagine that our major sponsors would be having a field-day with the red and white stripes taking on the Kiwis in the stadium named after their bank.

More important than this, though, is that we start to build some form away from home. We-re unbeaten in four at home now, winning three of the games, but away from home we-ve collected one point out of a potential twelve, and we-ve lost the last three away matches.

We need to start picking up points away from home, or this will hurt us at the end of the season.

Wellington are renowned for being incredibly strong when playing on their side of the Tasman, so we certainly don-t have an easy match ahead of us.

Paul Ifill and Leo Bertos will be key players for them, as they-re dominant in the midfield. Shutting them down is going to be the key to this game.

If we can put in a 90 minute performance similar to what we did against Victory, I-m confident that we-ll be able to come away from Middle Earth with at least one point.

In terms of Red & White Unite, there has been a huge amount of news to come out this last week. With a futsal tournament on November 7 and a move down to behind the goals at the Olympic End coming up very soon, you want to be getting into the community as it keeps growing and growing.

And as per usual, make sure you come down to the Imperial Hotel from 12pm this Sunday to watch the Wellington Phoenix match live on our huge projector.

Yours in support,

– The Punter

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