Fan Talk with The Punter – Edition #5

At last. At long, long last we have our first win on the board.

At last. At long, long last we have our first win on the board.

Sure, it wasn-t that most convincing of wins, and we certainly didn-t control large portions of the game, but it-s a win nonetheless. The match against Perth showed us that despite attractive football, possession and a lead in a match, we won-t be assured the three points.

Against Fury, there were times when we were dominated. Their speed and movement off the ball was giving hell to our fullbacks and sometimes we seemed like we were getting pressed deep into Clint Bolton-s net. However, we scored through Nick Kalmar-s great far-post header and won, and at the end of the day history remembers the victor, not always the fight.

I-ve got two things to talk about this blog.

Firstly, Nick Kalmar has been an absolute sensation. His rise from playing in the VPL with Oakleigh to becoming a lynchpin of our midfield has been outstanding. That he-s our top goal-scorer so far is a just result for his tireless effort, positioning, strength and determination.

This begs the question, though: When Josip Skoko returns from injury, who will drop to the bench in his place? Matt Thompson has been regaining his touch that led him to set the A-League on fire in season 5 and Wayne Srhoj has been consistently one of our best players in the last few weeks. So who will warm the bench when the ex-Socceroos superstar returns from his hamstring injury?

Secondly, I personally know of a lot of football fans out there who are interested in Heart, but haven-t been convinced enough to come watch a match.

Now that we-ve won a match, it might be easier to convince people, but it-s our job as Heart fans to spread the word to our mates and get people coming down to games.

Anyone who has been to the last few matches would attest to the atmosphere increasing in voracity weekly, so try to imagine how loud and intimidating AAMI Park would be if we were bringing 10,000 people through the gates weekly?

So for every fan out there, and every member too, I-ve got a challenge for you:
Bring two fans each to the next home match against Wellington Phoenix. We-ll triple our numbers and at least triple the intensity in the stadium.

You-ve got two weeks to find two people. It-s up to you to get 10,000 people through the gate next round.

Yours in support,

– The Punter
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