Females in Football: Louisa Bisby


As part of International Women’s Day and Female Football Week, we profile some of the Club’s female staff. Today we meet Louisa Bisby.

What is your role at Melbourne City FC?

My role is the Academy Operations Co-ordinator and W-League Team Manager. My role encompasses the in’s and out’s of the W-League side as well as operations of the NPL sides.

What is it like to work in the football environment?

If I was to summarise what working in a football environment is like, I would say it’s professional, hard-working, enjoyable, nurturing and selfless environment to ensure positive outcomes on and off-field

It’s rewarding to see your work come off on and off the field because on the outside it seems like its just about the result but we work as a team off it as well to make sure the right things happen.

In my role, I enjoy working with a variety of people from my collegues to volunteers and have the chance to work in a team and individually.

Why is it important to recognise the impact of women on football clubs at all levels?

It is important to have a women’s perspective on all things at the football club for a range of different reasons. Diversity of opinion and choice is important because it includes a complete approach to thinking. It also has a positive impact on discussion and decision making processes.

The International Women’s Day hashtag is #BeBoldForChange. What do you think that means to you?

The courage and strength to make a change positively without fear.

How important is it to recognise International Women’s Day?

It’s important to celebrate the work of women (past/present) who have helped shape a more tolerant and equitable society.

Recognising the work and continuing to encourage the support towards change for women who do not have the opportunity to be equal.

Many voices who go unheard across the globe, therefore, it’s important for those that have the power of knowledge and resources to work towards change.

Who has been one of your mentors/inspirations to your career and why?

My dad was the mentor in my life that helped me grow and develop into the person that I am today.

As a male, he didn’t hold my sister and myself back from our ambitions and told us to believe in anything we wanted to achieve. I think males have an important role in the development of females and can have just as an important role as a female role model in feeling empowered and having the ability to achieve our goals.

Role models don’t have to be male or female, they can be your guiding light towards what you want to become and how you hold yourself as a person.