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Mar 06, 2018   |  5:42AM AET

Females in Football: Nikki Drost

Females in Football: Nikki Drost

As part of International Women’s Day and Female Football Week, we profile some of the Club’s female staff. Today we meet Nikki Drost.

What is your role at Melbourne City FC?

I am the Partnerships Account Coordinator at Melbourne City FC. It is my role to work on delivering the contractual benefits of our partners and I work across the Club corporate and hospitality events. You’ll often see me running around AAMI Park, looking after partner activations on City Square and inside the stadium.

What is it like to work in the football environment?

I love working in football. I grew up playing a lot of sport and always loved the ethos of sport in a team environment. I came from a traditionally AFL background and played basketball for 15 years so I hadn’t been involved in football much before I started at City.  The passion involved in football is extraordinary and super contagious!

It is an environment where it doesn’t matter who you are or the role you play, everyone is striving for success and pushing each other to be better as an individual and a team.

Why is it important to recognise the impact of women on football club’s at all levels?

I think it is vitally important to acknowledge the role women play in football. Women are involved in all levels of the game and our contribution is significant.

Working at Melbourne City FC is particularly special. The recent Same City, Same Passion campaign highlights the Club’s commitment to football at all levels for both men and women.  It makes me very proud to be a part of this Club.

How important is it to recognise International Women’s Day?

International Women’s Day is an opportunity to highlight and celebrate the achievements of women throughout society.

It is great to see the Club getting involved with a number of events throughout the week and I am particularly looking forward to being part of the speed mentoring breakfast on Friday.

Who has been one of your female mentors/inspirations in your career and why?

My parents have been incredibility influential to me as a person.  I’ve never felt like there was something I couldn’t achieve and they taught me what it means to work hard, giving me the confidence to go out and achieve my goals.

I am also very lucky to be part of a close friendship group of strong females.  We grew up together, supported each other and helped shape the people we are today.