Foundation fan blown away by City’s progress


Football has been a big part of Roelof Rolleman’s life so it was a no-brainer for him to become a Hyundai A-League club member.

Rolleman has been a member of Melbourne City (previously Heart) since the club’s first season and has loads of passion for his club.

It’s seen the 71-year-old help recruit more than 50 other members for the club over the last few seasons.

That’s true love for the game and your club.

“Everybody loves it and it’s such a great atmosphere,” Rolleman said.

“Probably the thing we love most is we go with families. Husband, wife, kids, grand kids and we keep passing it on.

“There’s a few of us that have three generations. The club looks after us as well we’re all happy to go. It’s a family atmosphere, family club, and we really like it.”

Born in the Netherlands, Rolleman, who lives in Rowville, immigrated to Australia in 1964, this year celebrating his 50th year Down Under.

He’s been heavily involved in the game ever since and was president of the Springvale City Football Club in Melbourne for more than a decade.

“I’ve been around the game for a long time and I never thought in my wildest dreams that we would experience the quality of football that we see today,” Rolleman said.

“I didn’t think 20 years ago that this could happen.

“The great thing for me is that the (members) all stayed with the club last year even when we weren’t winning and now we have extra members because I think finally we’re going to have a winning team.

“The future looks good. Melbourne City is a good club, run well, organised well, with good family atmosphere and if they keep that going they’ll do wonders.”

Asked if the club can surpass local rivals Melbourne Victory this season, Rolleman said: “This year we’ll have a good chance. Victory is a hard team to beat and a good club too but we’ll at least match them this year.

“I think it’s just great for football in Australia that teams like Manchester City are interested in the A-League and hopefully there will be one or two more to follow.”

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