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Oct 05, 2022   |  8:44PM AET

KEY QUOTES: Jamieson ahead of season opener

KEY QUOTES: Jamieson ahead of season opener

It’s set to be a big Friday night at AAMI Park for Melbourne City FC.

Not only will our Men’s squad open the new season with a Grand Final re-match against Western United, our inspirational leader, Scott Jamieson, is set to become just the sixth player in A-Leagues history to reach 300 appearances.

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He spoke with media on Wednesday afternoon ahead of the milestone.


“I don’t think my dad was trying to be disrespectful, but I remember him saying to me when I told him (about the milestone).. he said to me, ‘You said you’d leave after your first year at Adelaide and you’re 300 games now!’

“It is a great achievement, but it’s not one I’m celebrating at the moment. It’s one that will be really appreciated come the end of my career and something that for me, I guess at the end I’ll be able to have a glass of something and appreciate, but I’m kind of the person that always looks to the next one, so regardless of 300, I’m looking at Friday night and then the following week against Brisbane.

“There’s a time and place to celebrate – but not right now.”


“You can’t go past the night against Central Coast at home. The Premiers Plate… the last minute the referee wanted to go to VAR and I was thinking there and then, ‘that’s a penalty.’

“So that night and then Sydney FC (2021 Grand Final) and then last year against Wellington.”


“I wouldn’t allow it to be a ‘Win it for Jamo,’ but I know certainly PK won’t be saying that either.

“I’ve looked at other people achieving these milestones, whether it’s in our league, AFL or rugby league, and I’ve always been of the opinion that it’s something that is a great achievement, but it shouldn’t be the catalyst or the reason for a team to go out and win a game.

“This is Round 1 of a new season and a little sidepiece is an achievement by me, but it’s not a main talking point within the club or certainly for me.”


“it’s a massive game.

‘It’s the first game and they’re always exciting. They tend to be cagey affairs, not just our games, but every Round 1 game is always a cagey affair.

“It’s a Grand Final rematch so I guess it might have a bit of spice, but ‘revenge’ or anything like that certainly isn’t a talking point for us.”


“We’ve made it a strong point to be able to be flexible with our systems.

“We’ve worked a lot on a specific system this pre-season. Whether it comes into every game, I don’t think so because you play against teams that set up differently.

“We’re not a team to take a backward step, we’re always looking to improve and be on the front foot in attack and over the last 2-3 years, teams have seen the way we’ve set up and have been able to to study it and get used to it.

“We’ve had to look at other ways of trying to improve and maybe that’s come at a cost of a few results in the pre season, so be it. But we’ve had to work towards adding another dimension to already a flexible system because of the other teams and how they’ve approached things.”