Malik and Fitzgerald say environment has made transition seamless.


Melbourne City’s January signings Osama Malik and Nick Fitzgerald have enjoyed every minute of their 72 hours with City, saying the move from their respective clubs has been made effortless by all the players and staff at CFA Melbourne.

Both signings made their debut for the Club on Monday, coming off the bench for their first minutes against Wellington, and the duo were in awe of everything Melbourne City has had to offer them so far.

“It’s difficult coming into an immensely talented squad to fit in straight away and get used to the players but I’ve thoroughly enjoyed it,” Fitzgerald said.

“It’s been a great response by the fans and the Club and the players, so I’ve enjoyed it so far.

“I’m delighted to be at such a massive club like Melbourne City. Hopefully I can work my way into the squad and hopefully I can get a few runs to show what I am capable of.”

“I’ve enjoyed the way it’s worked out so far because it didn’t give us time to think too much which is probably a good thing,” Malik said.

“We came in as part of the squad straight away so it was a good thing to get it out of the way and we’ll work for the rest of the season.”

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A key to the duo’s transition to the Club has been the positive environment City has been able to offer and both feel that the level of professionalism and positivity in the camp has allowed the two to settle into the squad.

“The facilities are second to none here,” Fitzgerald said.

“Like Ossie said, it’s like nothing I’ve ever seen before, I couldn’t believe it when I took the tour here but you can tell that in all the players, in the way they train, the way the Club is set up, that they are a professional Club and it’s something I want to be a part of.

“The players have been unbelievable, they have made it so easy for myself and I’m sure for Ossie as well so I think that’s what’s been a driving factor in why they have been so successful this season. There’s no real team ego, everyone has got one goal and they keep their head down and work hard.”

“I think a big thing coming here is that there is a sense that something is building and I think everyone feels that,” Malik said.

“Obviously with the facility, with the players that we’ve brought in, there is definitely the sense that we are building something that can be very strong for this year and the years to come so I think that’s given the place a good feeling and I’m sure the players know if they want to be a part of that, then we have to be performing.”

The two, alongside Anthony Caceres will look to be a part of this week’s squad to take on Western Sydney on Friday night in a massive 1st vs 2nd clash in Parramatta. Kick-off 7:40pm on SBS and Fox Sports 505.