Melbourne Heart FC Membership 2010/11 FAQs

Do you have a Heart for football? Find answers to all your membership FAQs here!

1. How do I purchase a Membership for the 2010/2011 season?
– There are a number of ways to purchase a membership. 1. Fill in the application form and post, fax or e-mail back. 2. Call our friendly membership team on 1300 ALL HEART. 3. Purchase via our online portal which can be accessed from our home page (credit card only).

2. How do I ensure that I sit with friends?
– Please ensure that your Application forms are sent in stapled together, or that membership purchases are made in a single transaction via the portal.

3. What if my friends have already purchased their memberships and I want to sit with them?
– Call 1300 ALL HEART as soon as possible to request the seating. This cannot be guaranteed after seating allocations have been made.

4. What if my children are teenagers but I still want to purchase a family membership?
– We are offering the ability to upgrade a family membership to include a teen. Refer to the brochure for pricing. Juniors are classified as those who are 14 years or under as at August 1, 2010.

5. I have registered for priority seating. What does that get me?
– You must take up full membership prior to 9 June to utilise the benefit of pre-registration. If you do this, your seats will be allocated first in date receipt order. The priority seating fee will then be taken off your membership price. If purchasing via the portal, the fee will be refunded to your credit card.

6. What payment methods do you offer?
– You can purchase your membership with Visa or Mastercard, money order, cheque, cash (in person at Bundoora office by appointment only), or direct debit (2 or 4 installments, with complete payment made before commencement of the season).

7. I have purchased my membership, when will I receive my pack and seating allocation?
– Mail out of membership packs and seating information will commence in late July. If purchased under 1 week prior to the first match, pick up will be arranged at the stadium.

8. Why can-t I purchase a membership on level 3?
– We are only opening level 3 for membership sales if level 1 sells out. If you particularly want level 3 we can make a note of this and contact you in the event that level 3 is opened for membership.

9. How do I ensure that I am undercover?
– Due to the design of the stadium and the nature of Melbourne weather, we cannot guarantee weather proof seating. You can however select ‘under the roof line- on the application form which will give you the best chance of being sheltered in the event of rain. You can also note ‘back of the bay- on this form if you so wish.

10. Can I have a hard copy of the brochure mailed to me?
– Hard copies will be distributed to our database from 14 June 2010. If you require multiple copies, please e-mail Michelle Le Poidevin at info@melbourneheart.com.au

11. How do I obtain more information on Corporate Hospitality and box options?
– Please see our corporate hospitality brochure ‘True Heart- for more information. A link can be found on our home page. Alternatively, please contact Ben Joske at ben.joske@melbourneheartfc.com.au.

12. Which packages offer me best value for money?
– Our General Admission Family package is great value for money at $487.50 which includes 2 adults and 4 juniors. This works out to be $5.40 per person per match. The junior GA ticket is also a great option at only $2.50 per match.

13. What is the difference between Active Support, General Admission and Reserved seating?
– Reserved Seating will provide you with the same seat at every home match in the section you have chosen. General Admission means you can sit anywhere in the General Admission area (both ends, excepting active supporter bay). Active support is for those who want to sing, wave flags and have an active role in atmosphere creation!

14. Is there a specific procedure for group bookings (20 people or more)?
– Please call contact Michelle Le Poidevin info@melbourneheartfc.com.au and she will make sure you are looked after!