Mother’s Day Classic Virtual: We check in on our participants


In the lead up to Mother’s Day, Melbourne City FC alongside partners, This Girl Can and Soccer Mums – initiatives of VicHealth – will be taking part in the Mother’s Day Classic Virtual 2020 event to raise vital funds for life-saving breast cancer research.

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Now more than ever it’s important to keep physically active and healthy, so we’re encouraging our staff, players and supporters to walk or run between 4 to 8km in their local parks, on the running track or in the street before Mother’s Day on Sunday 10 May.

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Alongside City stars Kyah Simon, Curtis Good and Melissa Barbieri, we have a number of staff members, volunteers, Soccer Mums deliverers, This Girl Can ambassadors and members of the public in our team, so we’ve checked in on their progress and to see how they’re going during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Heather McGiddy – Soccer Mums Deliverer

Participating in the Virtual Mother’s Day Classic has been great for me – I found that without my futsal games & Soccer Mums programs I was feeling a bit aimless with my physical activity.

The Virtual Mother’s Day Classic event has given me something positive to focus on and something that I can do with my family. When I ask my children if they would like to run with me, I get an excited “yes” from them each time & my husband has started running too.

Mother's Day Classic

It is important to me to contribute towards breast cancer research because my Aunt and my Aunt-in-Law have both survived breast cancer.

I have to say though, that I’m not a natural running, unless I’m playing in a game, chasing the ball – so I’m going to run a little and walk the rest, listening to my body and doing what I can.

Getting out most days to walk & run has been so good for my mental health – adjusting to changing work and school circumstances has been difficult so being a part of the Virtual Mother’s Day Classic has kept me moving, keeping me mentally and physically healthy.

Reshween Jagjit Singh – Melbourne City FC Match Day Volunteer

Joining the Mother’s Day Classic Virtual run was a no-brainer for me.

As a Melbourne City volunteer, I had learned about the Mother’s Day Classic and its purpose while fundraising for it on match days. So it only felt right to continue to play my part and join the team.

Mother's Day Classic

I know how devastating breast cancer can be to not only women, but their families too, so being able to contribute to the fight against it is an honour for me.

Fundraising for this cause has kept me motivated to take walks with a friend (while keeping our distance) and sometimes run when I’m by myself. I could not be happier to be a part of this event! 

Jaime Floros – This Girl Can Soccer Ambassador

What inspired you to take part? 

Just knowing what a great cause this fundraiser is for and how it also helps motivate people to be active while raising funds for the cause. 

How have you enjoyed the Mothers Day Classic?
I haven’t yet completed my Mother’s Day classic run/walk but I have been doing daily walks and jogs with my family and have mapped out where I’ll be completing my run/walk! I’m aiming for 5 kilometres! 

Mother's Day Classic

Do you have any friends or relatives affected by Breast Cancer? 

I’ve had family affected by all kinds of cancers including my own father and have had friends affected by breast cancer so I’ve seen first hand how it has its different affects on people. 

Are you walking or running? 


If running, are you an experienced runner or is this a new hobby or ambition?

I’ve recently had a baby so haven’t ran in a long time but hoping my background in soccer will help even though I haven’t played that in a while either. 

Are you walking or running with family/pets etc and how are they enjoying it? 

Hoping to complete half with the family and half without, depends how my children behave on the day!

How have your family been tracking through COVID-19?

Better than expected, it’s also encouraged us to be more active as a family and my husband who hates cardio is now either running or walking daily with me!

Every day, 53 women are diagnosed with breast cancer and eight women will lose their life to it.

Together, we’re encouraging everyone to please donate now and help researches improve breast cancer detection, develop new treatments and allow people with breast cancer to live longer and better lives.

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Or better yet, join our team and walk or run with us! It’s an all-inclusive virtual event, so gather your partner, kids and pets and get active! Please keep in mind social distancing regulations when exercising.

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Together let’s do this, we thank you for your support.