NEWS: David Williams talks to Hydralyte


David Williams talked to Hydralyte this week about his personal hydration plan and how he prepares for game day

How important is hydration to your game?

Behind concentration, hydration is the second most important part our game. But by being hydrated helps you concentrate more.

What do you notice about your own performance when you’re dehydrated?

For me personally it is fatigue and lack of concentration, but cramps definitely come into play late in the game. This is usually when the match is won or lost.

Why do you choose Hydralyte over other sports drinks?

I choose Hydralyte because it doesn’t have the sugar levels the other sports drinks have. I think sugars are good after the game but pre game and during game Hydralyte is best.

How do you manage hydration for a match?

For me I don’t have too much the day before a match, maybe one sachet during the day. The morning of the match I would drink a few litres of Hydralyte over a few hours. Sometimes I mix it with mineral water to fizz up the drink and mix it up a bit. I tend to drink more water during competition but at half time I have a strong cup of Hydralyte which helps a lot. After the match I just have a litre or so of Hydralyte to recover along with some food.

Do you use Hydralyte for managing non-sports related dehydration?

I use Hydralyte normally for gastro, heat and dehydration.  

What’s your favourite flavour?

So far lemon lime is my favourite flavour. I haven’t tried apple blackcurrant yet but by the sounds of it, it would be my favourite flavour.

What’s your favourite Hydralyte format?

Powdered sachets are my favourite format although the ice blocks are the best during half time in the summer matches.


Learn more about the importance of hydration and Hydralyte at www.hydralyte.com.au/sports-exercise/