​Patrick Kisnorbo talks Sports Hydration with Hydralyte Sports


Melbourne City captain Patrick Kisnorbo sat down with Hydralyte Sports this week to discuss his hydration plans and how he prepares for game day.

The defender uses Hydralyte pre and post-match and says keeping his hydration levels high is important to himself and others in the A-League with their busy summer schedule.

“Hydration is a really important component of my game.  Keeping hydrated allows me to get through a tough 90 minutes of football,” Kisnorbo said.

“Dehydration can affect my performance in that I notice myself getting tired quicker and I am more likely to suffer cramping.

“I prefer Hydralyte Sports over other sports drinks to help with hydration because I enjoy the taste and its low in sugar.  That is really important for me.

“I drink Hydralyte Sports in the lead up to a match when I first arrive at the stadium. We are given Hydralyte Sports at half time to replenish the fluids lost in the first half as well as post-match for hydration.”

Hydralyte Sports are the Official Sports Drink Partner of Melbourne City FC.  Learn more about the importance of Hydration and Hydralyte Sports at http://hydralytesports.com.au/