Prepare. Train. Recover. with Bulk Nutrients Training Day


Bulk Nutrients, Melbourne City FC’s Official Sports Nutrition Partner, hosted an exclusive training day with the Club at the City Football Academy in Bundoora. 

The exclusive competition saw 22 lucky winners win the chance to train like a professional.

From entry until exist, the teenagers experienced a day in the life of a Melbourne City player, where they were treated as though they were part of the Club’s A-League squad. 

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The day began with participants directed to the dressing rooms, where they found their own personal Melbourne City third kit, before being presented with a Bulk Nutrients gym bag, towel, shaker, drink bottle and HASTA certified supplements from City stars Harrison Delbridge and Kearyn Baccus. 

bulk nutrients

City’s Head of Human Performance, Andrew McKenzie then discussed the importance of player nutrition and training – covering a range of topics including proper recovery, nutrition and supplementation. 

Prior to their training sessions, Bulk Nutrients discussed the importance of key supplements for sports performance, including their HASTA certified products, Pre Workout 101, BCAA Recovery, Electrolyte Plus and Hyper Hydrolyse. 

Participants then headed out to the playing fields where they consumed Bulk Nutrients Pre Workout 101 to give them enhanced energy and endurance ahead of the session. 

During the training session, participants were given Electrolyte Plus and BCAA Recovery to assist with rehydration and recovery. 

The day concluded with a Bulk Nutrients Hyper Hydrolyse shake and a high protein meal in the Club’s lunchroom at the City Football Academy. 

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Bulk Nutrients has been Melbourne City FC’s Official Sports Nutrition Partner since 2018.