Project Spotlight: Melbourne


In Melbourne, Young Leaders are using a unique football and art programme to help young people build connections though the I Speak Football project.  

The City of Melbourne is home to one of the world’s most culturally diverse communities, with 140 cultures represented, from Victoria’s original Indigenous inhabitants to more recent migrants from Europe, Africa and Asia. 

However, adjusting to life in a new city can be hard for young people. For the past five years, Young Leaders have been using football to create a supportive environment for over 6,000 young people, who can often feel a sense of loneliness when they first arrive.  

Abraham and other Young Leaders will continue to engage and support young people who struggle with social isolation.  

By combining football and art for the first time, they will provide new ways for young people to express themselves and make friends.  

Through the unique blend of these two universal languages, they will create an inclusive environment, providing support that will help children and young people both in and out of school.   

Abraham, 23, believes that football, like art, can play a special role in building relationships.  

“Football is the universal language of bringing people together.  

“Through football I managed to make many friends. That really had a profound effect on my confidence. 

“My goal in life is to open up doors for the next generation.” 

This project is delivered by Melbourne City in the Community.  

You can now vote to support the I Speak Football project in this year’s Cityzens Giving campaign at www.cityzensgiving.org/melbourne