Schenkeveld: We’re all in this together


City defender Bart Schenkeveld has been one of the league’s revelations so far this season and the defender says it has been his team that has made him look the part.

The Dutchman has performed in all three matches so far this season – taking on some of the league’s top strikers – but gives credit to the hard work from the front for his side’s impressive start.

“I think the team as a whole has been amazing,” Schenkeveld said.

“Everyone has played their role and we do it as a team. I’m proud of the boys, we have two clean sheets and one goal against us.

“Every day, everybody works hard and realises that the win is one thing, but we are looking for the process and that takes time. No one is happy with just one win and that’s what is driving us at the moment.”

The defender has impressed with his power and speed for a centre back and says he has been grateful for every minute he has had on the pitch.

“When I’m fit, I want to give my everything,” he said.

“I’ve had injuries in the past and it makes you grateful. Training and playing games is the most beautiful thing you can do and I realised that it’s not normal to go out on the field and train because I’ve been away from the ground too.

“I might appreciate it more than my opponent and that’s what drives me.

“[At City], it’s nice to play, the supporters are great, the stadium is great. I enjoyed the game against Victory, it was a good game and that has been my favourite game so far.”

Schenkeveld and City now prepare for Saturday’s clash against Adelaide before returning home for next Friday’s double header and says he’s side will be ready even more than their past three games.

“We went to Adelaide in pre-season and im looking forward to it again, Marcin might play the piano again,” he said.

“The preparation has been great and we will be ready for Saturday.”

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