Sorensen: I’ve worked hard for this opportunity


City Head Coach Michael Valkanis handed Thomas Sorensen the captain’s armband on Saturday night and there was no greater sign of the goalkeepers’ rapport to the squad than with this gesture.


Despite only playing two matches this season, the former Danish international did not look a step out of time, thwarting a Brisbane Roar side who had multiple chances to run away with the game.

Sorensen will now have at least four more weeks to front up for City and ‘The Great Dane’ is relishing every opportunity that comes his way, starting with Saturday’s clash with Wellington.

“It was great to be back out there,” Sorensen said.

“It’s been a hard season for me with the change that was made and getting to grips with that but then it was about getting my head down and working for that opportunity. It came on Saturday and it’s what you train for and I was really excited.

“It’s always nice when people feel the same way and they are happy seeing you out there as well. As much as you play for yourself and the family, you play for the Club, and the fans are a massive part of that. I’ve always had a great rapport with fans wherever I have been.

“I always take my time [with the fans]. It’s always great to get their appreciation because it means you are doing something right. I’m glad they see me, I do everything I can for the club and it’s a delight they see the same things.”

The keeper notched four saves on the night – the most memorable coming a minute after his side’s first goal for the night – and with match time limited this season, Sorensen felt his experience had eliminated all questions of ‘rustiness’.

“When you are out for a long time, there are always doubts whether you can meet your levels at training but training is one thing, games are something else.

“It’s always great to get out there and get yourself tested and when I got out there, I felt good before, I felt really good when I was there and it’s great to have experience in that sort of situation where you can dig into that bad of experience and use that.

“I didn’t feel rusty at all, I felt good. I had a big task with a lot of young players there and there was a lot to focus on it but I just got stuck into the job.”

With his first full 90 minutes out of the way, Sorensen is looking forward to any chance he has to be in between the sticks for City, heading into an important period for the Club.

“I’d be lying if I wasn’t disappointed,” he said.

That’s not what I’m about though, I’m a team player so I was there to support Dean all the way through. It’s sometimes a tough situation being a manager, you can’t make everyone happy.

“John [van’t Schip] stuck to his beliefs and what he wanted to do and I was obviously a casualty but if I hadn’t worked hard and stuck in all the way through, I wouldn’t have had this opportunity now so that’s been my focus, be ready when the call comes and make sure I can go and do my best for the team and now the opportunity is here to do well.”

Sorensen and City take on Wellington on Saturday afternoon, kick-off 5.35pm AEDT. See the match on Fox Sports 505.

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