Team News: City confirm round 2 squads


Melbourne City FC has confirmed it’s squads for Sunday’s Westfield W-League and A-League fixtures.

Rado Vidosic’s squad will be taking on Canberra away from home with kick-off at 4.05pm.

City’s A-League will also be playing away from home, travelling to Adelaide to take on United in a fixture that kicks off at 6.05pm.

Round 2 Westfield W-League squad

1.Teagan MICAH (gk), 3.Teigen ALLEN, 5.Tori TUMETH, 7.Julia SARDO, 8.Hollie PALMER, 10.Chinatsu KIRA, 11.Rhali DOBSON, 12.Harriet WITHERS, 13.Sarah CAIN, 14.Margot ROBINNE, 17.Sam JOHNSON, 18.Leah DAVIDSON, 19.Tyla-Jay VLAJNIC, 20.Lia MULDEARY, 21.Jenna McCORMICK (c), 22. Naomi CHINNAMA, 23.Melissa BARBIERI (gk).

**2-4 to be omitted**

Ins: 10. Chinatsu KIRA (promoted).


Unavailable: 4.Chelsea BLISSETT (ACL), 9.Alex CHIDIAC (quarantine), 15. Emma CHECKER (stress fracture) 16.Sofia SAKALIS (ACL).

Round 2 A-League squad

1.Tom GLOVER (gk), 2.Scott GALLOWAY, 3.Scott JAMIESON (c), 7.Rostyn GRIFFITHS, 8.Aiden O’NEILL, 9.Jamie MACLAREN, 10.Florin BERENGUER-BOHRER, 11.Craig NOONE, 14.Naoki TSUBAKI, 16.Taras GOMULKA, 17.Stefan COLAKOVSKI, 18.Connor METCALFE, 19.Ben GARUCCIO, 22.Curtis GOOD, 23.Marco TILIO, 33.Matthew SUTTON (gk), 35. Raphael BORGES RODRIGUES, 36.Kerrin STOKES, 38. Jordan BOS, 42. Ahmad TALEB.

**2-4 to be omitted**

Ins: 35. Raphael BORGES RODRIGUES (promoted), 38. Jordan BOS (promoted).

Outs: 15. Andrew NABBOUT (hamstring), 20. Adrian LUNA (suspension).

Unavailable: 13.Nathaniel ATKINSON (hamstring), 15. Andrew NABBOUT (hamstring), 20. Adrian LUNA (suspension).

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