Travelling fan’s guide to the Champions League

Our first ever AFC Champions League campaign is just days away and we’ve recently had the great news confirmed that fans will be able to attend! 

Keen to come cheer your City boys on but don’t have much time to plan? Well, we’ve done all the hard work and research for you!  

The boys are set to play six games from April 15-30, so it’s up to you whether you choose to come along for the whole journey or just catch a few games. A sneaky weekend in Bangkok for the back-to-back games against Jeonnam Dragons on Friday 22nd and Sunday 24th perhaps?  

We take a look at all the big questions ahead of the upcoming trip… 

What’s the football like in Thailand? 

Pathum Thani Stadium (BG Stadium) will be the venue for all Group G fixtures. It seats 10,000 spectators and also happens to be the home stadium of our first opponents, BG Pathum United. 

Opened in 2010, it’s an interesting looking venue with seating going around three sides of the stadium. The Rabbits have averaged crowds of between 3-4,000 in recent years but with Group Stage Champions League football being played at the venue with fans for the first time ever, expect both of our games against the locals to be at capacity. 

The football culture in Thailand is growing too, with the Thai Premier league seemingly getting stronger each season and the national team also making strides in recent years. The atmosphere of Muangthong United FC games is the best in the nation, so a trip to the 15,000 capacity Thunderdome Stadium is one well worth adding to your itinerary. 

Although other clubs may not be quite as well supported, you can expect to see a great atmosphere and plenty of noise from any Thai Premier League game despite the crowd size, such is the passion for football from the locals. 

It’s also a different vibe to what you’d expect in Australia, or virtually anywhere in the world to be fair… The politeness of fans is the major difference, with away fans almost always receiving a warm reception from their hosts and the home fans often clapping for the visitors or even chanting their names post-game. 

And what about other sports? 

It’s the national sport of Thailand, so you’d be silly not to catch some Muay Thai boxing during your stay in Bangkok. 

The key difference from your usual run of the mill boxing compared to Muay Thai is the ‘art of eight limbs’ as it’s known. Basically – normal boxing is limited to striking with the hands, whereas is in Muay Thai, hands, elbows, knees and shins can all be used in combat. 

The 9,500 seat capacity Lumpinee Stadium would be the ideal place to go, but there are lots of great locations across Bangkok where you can catch plenty of action virtually any night of the week. 

Where do I go to eat or drink? 

Around Bangkok  

·      Benihana: One of the highest rated restaurants in Bangkok, your trip wouldn’t be complete without a visit here. With some of the best Teppanyaki dishes anywhere you’ll find, Benihana is a great option for lunch or dinner.  

·      SEEN Restaurant & Bar: Showcasing perhaps the best views of Bangkok, you won’t get many better experiences than the rooftop at SEEN, be it for lunch, dinner or just a few drinks. Whether it’s food or the highly rated cocktails, the menu is sure to have something for everyone.  

·      Market Café: Boasting some of the best local cuisine in Bangkok and with a very reasonable price range, it’s a must try!  

·      Sirimahannop: Another that has some of the best local cuisine on offer, Sirimanhannop is one of the highest rated restaurants in Bangkok, receiving five-star review after five-star review.  

Near the stadium  

·      About Stories: One of the nicest places in the area, it’ll be tough to beat dinner under the stars at About Stories. With live music to go along with plenty of good food and drinks on the menu at very reasonable prices, you can’t go wrong!  

·      Sai Ngon Restaurant: Boasting plenty of great reviews and a local favourite, Sai Ngon is a small Vietnamese restaurant that’ll provide a delicious bite to eat without breaking the bank before you cheer on the City boys!  

·      Kelly by Audrey: With a wide variety of food on offer in a nice bright setting, there’s something for everyone here.  

·      Lek Phitsadan: Another place popular with Lek Phitsadan is a great spot to pop in and grab a quick bite of some local cuisine not too far from the stadium.  

Where can I find the best Pad Thai? 

We all love a Pad Thai and you’ll be doing well to find any better than what’s on offer in Bangkok! Here’s a look at a few of the best on offer… 

·      Thip Samai: Known as the most famous and longest-running Pad Thai restaurant in Thailand, you simply must try Thip Samai. The inventor of the Pad Thai – also a former Prime Minister if you don’t mind – rated this as the best in the country, and even used to take guests here. 

·     Pad Thai Narok Taek: The definition of local cuisine, the cook works his magic on this street cart literally out the front of his house. Always packed with locals, its certainly worth a try. 

·      Baan Pad Thai: More on the premium end of the Pad Thai’s you’ll find in Bangkok, you certainly get what you pay for here. Seafood is definitely their specialty and the Pad Thai with Jumbo Prawns seems to be the pick of the bunch. 

What else is there to do when I’m not cheering on City? 

There will plenty to do in Bangkok to keep you busy between fixtures, here’s a look at just a few things on offer…  

·      Temple of Dawn: Considered the most famous temple in Bangkok, decorated by tiny pieces of coloured glass and Chinese porcelain standing at 70m tall, it’s a must visit.  

·      Chatuchack Weekend Market: With just about anything you could ever want to buy on offer, the vibrant Chatuchack Market is well worth a lot with over 10,000 shops and stalls plus plenty of great food.  

·      Dream World: Bringing the kids along? Well less than 2km from the stadium you’ll be able to find Dream World! Rated one of the best amusement parks in Thailand, its sure to provide a great family day out at a reasonable price.  

How do I get match tickets? 

Stay tuned to our Club socials channels for all the latest on where to buy your tickets from. You can click here to get your tickets for our opening match on Friday 15 April against BG Pathum United.