Trinity Grammar School joins as affiliate school


Melbourne City FC is pleased to announce that Trinity Grammar School has joined the Melbourne City College of Football program as an affiliate school.

The partnership will see Trinity Grammar School coaches and students engage directly with Melbourne City FC and its football program.

Trinity Grammar School Headmaster, Dr Michael Davies, has welcomed the initiative and believes the partnership will provide an exciting opportunity for students to experience a clear pathway toward elite football.

“It is with great confidence that we look forward to working with Melbourne City FC to grow all our players from those just beginning their journey to those at the elite level,” Davies said.

“Our students will be exposed to experiences that will help them develop not only as players, but as sportsmen.”

Trinity Grammar School’s Head of Football, Michael Moreira, believes that the partnership will help students achieve their footballing aspirations.

“I am proud and excited about a new chapter for football at Trinity Grammar School with our partnership with Melbourne City FC,” Moreira said.

“Being aligned with an A-League football club is an amazing opportunity for our coaches and our football players to improve their knowledge of the world game.”

“We hope to be able to produce young footballers capable of making it at the elite level and this important relationship will help pave the way for students’ football dreams to come true.”