Twitter Q and A w/ Aziz Behich Highlights


Check out the highlights from Aziz Behich’s live Twitter Q and A yesterday.

Check out the highlights from Aziz Behich’s live Twitter Q and A yesterday.

@nik_nuk01 #heartqa With your career and its ups and downs, what has kept you motivated through your years?
Just wanting to pursue my dream as a footballer – Aziz #heartqa #goheart

@tom_wijgers Hey Aziz, when are you getting your own Twitter account? #heartqa #goheart #azizontwitter
Haha. Might open one now if Nicky Kalmar gets on Twitter – Aziz #heartqa #goheart

@didzjustwinWho do you think will score more goals this week, Archie or Rojas? #heartqa
Hope none of them will score! – Aziz #heartqa #goheart

@FcBayern2011 #heartqa Hey Aziz, do you have your sights set on a possible career move to Germany like many other Aussies have?
Not just Germany, I guess anywhere in Europe would be great. Although the Bundesliga is a big league – Aziz #heartqa #goheart

@davidmanuca Who has been your most difficult opponent? #heartqa
Phil Neville when he came off the bench for Everton at Etihad last season – Aziz #goheart #heartqa

@FcBayern2011 who is 1 team mate you wouldn’t want to face off againt as a opponent? #heartqa
That’s a good question. I’ve already faced a couple of them, but Matt Thompson or Fred are tough – Aziz #goheart #heartqa

@forbze Who do you think has influenced your career the most so far? #heartqa
My family has been a big influence supporting me throughout my career so far, and past team mates and coaches – Aziz #heartqa

@j0sharp Any plans to try your luck overseas in the future mate? #heartqa
Yeah, it’s always been a dream to play overseas, but right now I’m just focusing on the job I have to do with Heart – Aziz #heartqa

@FcBayern2011 last one aziz, who is 1 player you want to see from europe come to the heart #heartqa
Tim Cahill would be brilliant. A legendary Socceroo. #heartqa #goheart

@forbze What about the best piece of advice you’ve ever been given? #heartqa
Always stay disciplined and focused, and give everything you have when you go out on the pitch – Aziz #goheart #heartqa

@tothatsky Aziz, aside from Heart, which other football teams do you support? #heartqa
@forbze Galatasaray and Manchester United – Aziz #goheart #heartqa

@rosspayne22 how’s the feeling around training this week leading into the derby? #heartqa
Very exciting, everyone’s buzzing pretty much, and I’m really looking forward to it – Aziz #goheart #heartqa

@kingawesomeness Have you had any words to say to Mate before his first derby this week? Are you fired up again? #heartqa
Not really, think he knows what’s coming! – Aziz #goheart #heartqa

@notout50 #heartqa FIFA, pro Evo or don’t play?
FIFA every time – Aziz #goheart #heartqa