Twitter Q and A w/ Jason Hoffman Highlights


Rising star Jason Hoffman jumped on Twitter last week for an extended Q and A session with the Red and White faithful. Here are some of the highlights!

Rising star Jason Hoffman jumped on Twitter last week for an extended Q and A session with the Red and White faithful.

Here are some of the highlights!

@HeartBhoy23 It must give the whole group a huge boost to see @adrian_zahra fight his way back from serious knee injury!
@jhoff28 yeah mate for sure! We r all excited for Adrian to be fighting his way back to fitness. He will be great for us!

@ay23 hey jase, wanted to ask you if you mind the chant Yarraside sing this preseason about you? (Hoffman wonderland)
@jhoff28 hahha mate I dont take anything too seriously I guess. It’s funny and if it makes ppl happy then good. 🙂

@brollsy is true u were once busted by the boys from the jets getting dropped of n picked up on ur first date by ur mum
@jhoff28 Hahahhaha. Look at brollo! U grub! Yeh it’s true ppl. I was playing the mummas boy card! Worked a treat!

@barmyarmyuk Heart is a new club, so which club(s) have you modelled Heart against business & on the field? Thanks.
@jhoff28 tough Q. I feel MHFC focuses on where other clubs may not in linking with community at all levels! with JVS coming from Ajax. Our on field basis comes from the Ajax playing style and we try to do it best we can!! 🙂

@_Bato_ Who’s got the worst banter?
@jhoff28 Worst Banter is definitely Zahra@adrian_zahra Hahhaha. Bcos I know he will get cut about me even saying this haha. Love ya age!!

@BenjaminCoonan Jason, of your team mates and support staff, whose hairstyle has the most potential in 2011/12? #heartqa #footballwithheart
@jhoff28 hahaha. There’s only one Benny Coonan! Girls look out. This guy is a complete catch! So stylish!!!

@kingawesomeness Have you tried to get any of the other boys on Twitter? Who do you think would fit into the twittersphere best? #heartqa
@jhoff28 yes definately. I’ve tried to drag Thommo on. He lives on his phone so would fit the mould straight away haha

@pg2216 what kind of role are you expecting to play this yr? Starting XI or super sub
@jhoff28 I’m hoping to be in XI bcos I feel I can give something different from midfield and score goals. So I’ll be positive about it 🙂

@Roxybabe95 how confident are heart this season, are you excited about having Fred??
@jhoff28 very confident & excited for the season & one of the reasons is bcos we have Fred this yr. A great player and person for any team!

@kingawesomeness Have you had any sledging happen yet between yourself and the Newcastle boys before the first game? #heartqa
@jhoff28 yes of course mate. And it shall continue up until the 90mins is up on the 8th hahha!!

@Alana_Dean who is the best dancer on the team & what are their signature moves??
@jhoff28 haha it would be Mate Dugandzic for me bcos he moves like jagger! Haha.

@_Bato_ If you could choose one overseas club to play for, who and why?
@JHoff28 Bayern Munich. Always loved them from a young age. #boyhooddream

@mattyjh10 how would you compare the support from the heart fans, to that at previous clubs?
@JHoff28 I feel at Heart we are more connected to the fans. We seem to know them and can have normal convos. It’s a ‘family’ feel here!

@takaspeaksout What do the olyroos need to improve on to qualify for London?
@jhoff28 I feel we could play forward more w-out fear of mistakes. We like to play good fball but we need 2 b effective in doing so!

@MVFCEFC Hey, How high do you think you can finish this year?
@jhoff28 I feel we will definately be in top 6. And that is the goal. But sure I think we can better that also and finish higher!

@HeartInaugural FIFA or Pro Evo and why? #heartqa
@jhoff28l used to be pro evo! But now FIFA bcos I can play with the Heart! Haha

@AaronMeadows_ what do you and the club hope to acheive/improve on the current season ? #redwhiteyou #goheart !
@jhoff28 I believe the biggest goal is making the finals. Anything short and we will be disappointed. I am confident we will do this!

@tothatsky My q is: Who is the biggest prankster in the changerooms? #heartqa #footballwithheart
@jhoff28 hahaha definitely AZIZ! he is a clown and popular bcos of this. He is a great mate of mine, even when he gets on my nerves!