Valkanis: We need the fans to be the 12th man


City Head Coach Michael Valkanis has urged the City faithful to get behind his side on Sunday night as they prepare to face Perth in the Elimination Final.

City’s home record speaks for itself – taking points in ten of the thirteen home matches this season – and Valkanis’ side will look to take this confidence into the clash with Perth, knowing they will have the backing of their boisterous home crowd.

“I know that it may be cliché but playing at home is like having a 12th man and it’s very important for us and the playing group that people are there and get behind the team,” Valkanis said.

“Playing an Elimination Final and the chance to progress to the Semi, it’s a major step we want to take and everyone has to get behind the team. Everyone needs to be loud and create a great atmosphere for the City boys.”

The City boss admitted to the media on Saturday that there were a few tactical tweaks in store for his side after last week’s showing against Perth but says the finals atmosphere will make things a lot tighter with so much on the line.

“There will be a couple of changes in regards to our setup,” he said.

“Having played them three times this year, we’ll set up with a slight differently and go for the game, we need to win. It’s something that won’t be expected so we’ll keep that close to our chest.

“In all of the games, we’ve had so much of the ball, we’ve had so many opportunities. We either switch off on the counter or on a set piece in all three games and that’s something we worked on this week.

“You also need to remember that last week was a completely different situation. We’ve gone into it with something to play for with 3rd spot and they went into it with nothing to lose. They may get a fourth spot but worst comes to worst they still make the finals. They took risks and we took risks.

“It was a crazy game last week but the team has recovered and have trained well this week, they are all looking forward to a final. It’s finals football and the rest is all history, we can only write history now.”

City take on Perth in the Elimination Final on Sunday, kick-off 7pm. Hit the banner below to secure your place at the match today!

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