VAN’T SCHIP: “We need to keep working hard”


Melbourne City FC Head Coach John van’t Schip feels his side needs to create its own luck if it is to shake off its early season form.

The Dutchman admits that his side is not far from creating a winning formula, but will need to continue to apply themselves before momentum shifts in their favour.

“Like I said from the beginning, we are not far from winning games but we are making it very difficult for ourselves,” van’t Schip said

“We’re in a phase now that errors we make are getting punished and the opponent is making errors and we don’t punish them…that’s the story.

“But we need to keep working hard and turn it around because I believe in working hard and that things will turn around and that’s what we all have to believe in.” 

Melbourne City FC found themselves behind in the opening half for the first time this season and van’t Schip was disappointed with his side’s slow start to the match.

“We were not in the game the first part of the match but after that I think we created some good opportunities and we should have [had] a penalty,” van’t Schip said.

“They were dangerous as well, Redders [Andrew Redmayne] kept us in the game with two saves.

“I think the second half we were dominating without getting any real clear cut opportunities and they of course got a present from us, a mistake from Robbie Wielaert and from that, the game was almost made.” 

van’t Schip’s side have dominated spells of every match this season and the Head Coach said he is taking a level-headed approach in tweaking his squad to find the winning formula.

“We have said the squad is competitive, we have players coming back now and we’ll have to see how to change things around,” van’t Schip said.

“There are things we need to look at this week and see how we can change things around or maybe getting players in but I’m not saying we are going to do that,

 “We need to stick to what we believe in because that’s the only way. If we start changing and doing things we don’t believe in, I don’t think we are in the right position.”

 Melbourne City FC will look to get back into the winner’s circle when they face the Wellington Phoenix in New Zealand this Sunday, kick-off 3pm Melbourne time.