Young City Leader Diaries: Anthony


Over our Young Leaders Training Program week, we profile some of the young leaders who work within the Club’s community programs and find out more about who they are and what they do. Today, we meet La Trobe University Student Anthony

How did you become a part of Melbourne City’s community program?

I started as a young leader in the 2015 Cityzens Giving Program. I applied to be a young leader, through an advertisement at Latrobe University, and then underwent three days of training, and then I was apart of a 6-10 person team which ran weekly clinics in South-East Melbourne (Dandenong) for twenty weeks. 

What has your role been and what are some of the programs you have been involved in?

I was a young leader in 2015. I have also helped run various community clinics throughout 2016, on both match day and school days.

What are your most memorable experiences with Melbourne City?

Definitely being involved with Cityzens giving. Knowing the work that I have been doing over the past couple of years helps out with really important issues all around the world  is extremely rewarding. I also loved being a Young Leader for Cityzens Giving in 2015.

Working in my local community helping people with issues that I was fully immersed in within my community was on the the most rewarding things I have done in my whole life. Coming together at the end of the program to have the Cityzens Giving Cup was absolutely incredible too, to see that all our hard work throughout the year could create such an amazing environment for so may people form different cultures and backgrounds to come together and enjoy each others company through football was unbelievable. 

What are some of your goals working as a part of the City in the Community programs?

One major goal that I have is that we really create an accepting environment for every single person in our local communities. Football does have the power to bring people together, and an important goal is to make sure that disadvantaged Australians can see that this is truly the case, especially those with disabilities.

It is important that all of our individual programs that we have panned for 2017 run smoothly and successfully through detailed planning and efficient execution. I’d also like to see that all programs work together and help each other improve throughout the course of 2017.