Young City Leader Diaries: James


Over our Young Leaders Training Program week, we profile some of the young leaders who work within the Club’s community programs and find out more about who they are and what they do. Today, we meet ‘I Speak Football’ leader, James.

How did you become a part of Melbourne City’s community program?

I volunteered with CMY and then started ‘I Speak Football’. Then, Melbourne City gave me other volunteering opportunities with the Club’s own programs and within the community.

What has your role been and what are some of the programs you have been involved in?

I am currently a Young Leader in the ‘I Speak Football’ project which uses football to tackle social inclusion. It allows people from diverse backgrounds and those who have just arrived in Australia to use football as a tool to meet people while addressing issues within our society.

As one of the leaders in the program, I help facilitate football sessions as well as some of the activities involved with social inclusion. This also entails public speaking and presenting at Club events.

What are your most memorable experiences with Melbourne City?

I must admit that going to Manchester as a part of the Young Leaders Summit was the most memorable experience for me. Not only having the opportunity to visit Manchester but meeting the wonderful people who share my passion for football. Also, learning together and sharing ideas to help our communities was an amazing tool for me to use here.

Coming back to Melbourne, I was given the opportunity by the Club to implement what I learnt in Manchester in our community as a recognised leader. This has booster my confidence in my skills and ability to lead, help and inspire other young people using the love of football.

What are some of your goals working as a part of the City in the Community programs?

My main goal is continuing the positive work of the Cityzens Giving program. This would give me the perfect opportunity to reach out to more young people to share my experiences, how I overcome obstacles and inspire them to use football for a better world.

My ultimate goal is to see the program make an inspiring change so that every young person feels valued, connected and participate in their own unique way.